Masoor Dal- deskinned and whole, Organic


Masoor dal, also called red lentil, is yet another staple lentil in every Indian household. When it comes to its preparation, it’s quite easy-to-make and is also found to be the most delicious among all the lentils, owing to its tinge of sweetness.

At Goodness Farm, we process the Masoor dal by sprouting- drying and then it’s split. The sprouting process is conciously done to enhance the nutrition profile and digestibility factor.

This masoor dal was intercropped with thoor dal and soya bean crops at our Cheyyaar farm, Thiruvanamalai district, Tamilandu.

Harvested in the last week of December, 2022 and was sun-dried and aged for almost 2 months now.

Organic certified and lab tested for its’ nutritional profile.

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Masoor Dal- deskinned and whole, Organic
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